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Flash Chat Code Generator

Note: For questions or remarks about the chat, please open a ticket at our support system, or find us on IRC in chatroom #help.

This is the Flash Chat Code Generator page. Use the form below to customize the chat window. The default settings are already filled in. In case you prefer to use the old java chat, then click the link to go to that code generator.

Example of the chat window, with a legend of possible settings:



Registration (in order to update your chat or create new ones at a later date)
or chat4all Nickname
Between 4 and 140 characters, and no whitespace or quotes.
Retype Password
E-Mail address
a valid address is required in order to reset your password.
Login here if you already have an account.

Channels to load at startup
Up to 4 additional channels possible.
Short name
Enter a short name here to make the resulting chat url more memerable. Use only alphanumeric characters. When left empty, a random code will be generated. The short name must be a single word between 3 and 30 alphanumeric characters.
Language of the chat screen
Nickserv authentication box
Allow users to fill in their NickServ password upon startup.
:   Yes No

Chat Window Settings (Markup of the chat window itself)
Add 1 additional menu item. Leave empty for none.
:   Menu name: Menu link:  
Menu colour
Background of the top menu.
:   Background:

Font Size
Font size of the input area and chat screen.
User List Width
Width of the user listing.
Select a predefined style. Default style is white.
Navigation position
(The position of the query and channel buttons)
User List Icons
If enabled, this option shows icons instead of @ % +, etc.
:   Yes No
Doubleclick for Query
doubleclick on the nick to open a query/pm screen.
:   Yes No
Show join/part Messages
:   Yes No
Show Timestamps before all messages
:   Yes No
Show Channel Header
Show channelname and Topic above the channel.
:   Yes No
Show Info Messages
Show all messages including nick/topic changes and kicks/bans.
:   Yes No
Sound Alerts
Indicates if sounds are enabled
:   Yes No
Sound on New Message
Indicates if a sound should be played when a new channel message is received
:   Yes No

Show Menu Button
Shows the menu button. If disabled, some of the other buttons below will not be visible.
:   Yes No
Show Server Window Button
:   Yes No
Show Register Nickname Button
:   Yes No
Show Emoticons Button
Show the button that allows selection of smilies.
:   Yes No
Show Nick Change Button
:   Yes No
Show Options Button
:   Yes No
Show List Button
Button for the channel listing.
:   Yes No
Show Text Controls
Controls for: bold, underline, colour
:   Yes No
Show Channel Central Button
Used to change channel modes for those who have those privileges.
:   Yes No
Show Join Channel Button
Shows a button to join a channel
:   Yes No
Show Part Channel Button
Shows a button to part/leave a channel
:   Yes No

Smilies / Emoticons
If you have enabled the "Show Emoticons Button" option above, you can select a smilie set from the options below.
 Smilies set 1 (this is the default set) :
 Smilies set 2 (Fok! smilies) :
 Smilies set 3 (Koloboks) :


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